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Energy consulting is an established line of business, but few players have focused on how to reduce consumption in a wider perspective. In this respect, SASTECH, with its control strategy, is truly different. SASTECH is an independent provider of both hardware and software solutions, at all times making informed choices to acquire the best equipment. After installation, we take charge over the operations, leaving our customers free to focus on core activities, with the added benefit of reduced workload and costs related to all of their energy carriers. Our main product lets the the customers choose between 2 investment models where the difference is how the profit resulting from the operating agreement is shared. In addition, we offer energy surveying and solar panel parks (large scale).

Energy consulting

SASTECH is a leader in looking at optimisation opportunities from a wider perspective

Our Latest Projects

We are currently installing equipment on site in the southern part of Norway, and several projects are at the planning stage. The average implementation time is 3-6 months depending on scope and complexity.

Our core business is energy optimisation of office and commercial buildings

We deliver innovative solutions that favour both our customers and the planet For a long time, energy consulting has been more or less equivalent to energy certification. In recent years, however, the emergence of Greentech and Proptech has revolutionized the perception of all systems and energy carriers as part of an interrelated context. Our digital control strategy will provide you with the right amount of energy in real-time!

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We are recruiting! Do you have documented experience in project and process management? Please send us an open application and your resume.

Norway is a latecomer!

The European Union has declared that access to information about environmental impact is an essential first step in making the green shift. The Norwegian government should take greater responsibility for helping Norwegian businesses reduce their climate footprint and create new and sustainable solutions across the entire value chain. They need to make companies ready for sustainable operations using CO2 monitoring and incentives to achieve it.

Solar panels on walls is an alternative!

Solar panels on roofs and exterior walls is an optimum combination to utilize as much as possible of the solar energy that hits a building. This is a low threshold climate an environmental measure. Solar panels are hassle free. There are no moving parts, and no parts to lubricate, service or replace. Solar panels have a great environmental benefit, and they are profitable too!

SASTECH is leading the way!

In the last 10 years, the market for energy optimization has seen an enormous development. During this period, Sastech’s key personnel have devoted their energy and time to understanding the needs for energy optimization in the Norwegian real estate market. Greentech and Proptech are important ingredients in this approach, and we are ready to provide our customers with groundbreaking energy solutions through our unique business model.

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Can we be of assistance? Are you a building owner, a technical manager or an operations manager? We offer a free survey and evaluation. You have nothing to lose, indeed, you have everything to gain!

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